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Alpers, Philip. 2005 ‘Pacific Model Legislation.’ Gun-running in Papua New Guinea: From arrows to assault weapons in the Southern Highlands; Special Report No. 5 (Box 9), p. 112. Geneva: Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. 1 July

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Box 9: Pacific model legislation

Recognizing that domestic and regional controls are crucial to any international effort to curb the illicit trade in firearms, the 16 member states of the Pacific Islands Forum have worked since 1996 to develop a common regional approach to weapons control. In March 2000, this culminated in the Nadi Framework agreement (SPCPC & OCO, 2000), which seeks to encourage crossborder cooperation and harmonize legislation throughout the region.

The Nadi Framework is premised on two basic ideas: that the possession and use of firearms, ammunition, other related material, and prohibited weapons is a privilege that is conditional on the over-riding need to ensure public safety, and that public safety will be enhanced by imposing harmonized controls on the importation, possession, and use of these commodities. If uniformly adopted, these would significantly improve the firearm laws of many states, and provide a common regional deterrent to small arms traffickers.

In August 2003, the Nadi Framework's draft model Weapons Control Bill for the Pacific was unanimously accepted for consideration by all 16 member states of the Pacific Islands Forum. If PNG were to adopt the provisions of the Nadi Framework, many penalties for firearm-related offences would be increased, systems for storing and monitoring state-owned small arms would improve, and the country's gun laws would move closer to the international standards recommended in the UN Programme of Action.

Source cited: Alpers and Twyford (2003), pp. 108-16

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