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Ireland. 2009 ‘Information Regarding Referees.’ The Garda Commissioner's Guidelines as to the Practical Application and Operation of the Firearms Acts, 1925-2009. Issued in accordance with section 3A of The Firearms Act, 1925 as inserted by section 31 of the Criminal Justice Act, 2006; Annex B, p. 34. Dublin: Garda Siochana. 22 October

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Information Regarding Referees

The judgement as to whether a person is fit to be entrusted with firearms rests in law with the Garda Síochána or, on appeal, the Courts. It is the function of the referee to provide information and opinions that the Garda Síochána can take into account when making that judgement. It is important to ensure that the referee has an adequate knowledge of the applicant e.g. the referee has had regular contact, whether in a professional, business or social context, with an applicant for 5 years. Referees need not, of course, have any knowledge of firearms or shooting sports, but they should be able to comment on the applicant's general character and background and an issuing person may consider that a referee should be over 18 years of age.

It is open to the Garda Síochána to contact the referee to discuss information provided on the reference form or on any other matter relating to the application. If the Garda Síochána considers that a referee is unsatisfactory, the applicant may be invited to nominate an alternative person to act as a referee e.g. a person might satisfy the requirements to act as a referee but may be found not know the applicant well enough to provide an informed reference.

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