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Switzerland. 1997 ‘Operations with Other Countries - Temporary transfer and transport.’ Federal Law on Arms, Arms Accessories and Ammunitions of 20 June 1997 (Status as on 12 December 2008); Chapter 5. Geneva: Federal Assembly of the Swiss Confederation / Translation for the Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. 20 June

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Art. 25a Temporary introduction of firearms in passenger traffic

1 Any person who, in passenger traffic, temporarily introduces into Swiss territory firearms and corresponding ammunitions must hold the authorization as referred to in art. 25. This is issued for a maximum of one year and for one or more trips. The authorization can be extended several times by a maximum of one year.

2 An authorization is only granted for arms transported from a State bound by one of the agreements of association to Schengen if they appear on the European Firearm Card. The authorization must be recorded on this card.

3 The Federal Council can provide for derogation to the rules governing authorizations for:
a. hunters and sports shooters;
b. foreign members of the staff of diplomatic and consular representations and permanent missions to international organizations and special missions;
c. members of foreign armed forces in the framework of international missions or training;
d. security agents mandated by the Confederation or a foreign state in the framework of announced official visits.

4 The traveller must carry the European Firearm Card on him throughout his stay in Switzerland and present it to the authorities upon request.

Art. 25b Temporary export of firearms in passenger traffic

1 Any person who, in passenger traffic, temporarily exports firearms and the corresponding ammunitions to a State bound by agreements of association to Schengen must request a European Firearm Card from the competent authority for his Canton of ordinary residence.

2 The European Firearm Card is issued when the requester makes it plausible that he is authorized to possess an arm. The card is valid for a maximum of five years and its validity can be extended for a renewable period of two years.

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