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Switzerland. 1997 ‘Acquisition of Ammunitions and Components of Ammunitions.’ Federal Law on Arms, Arms Accessories and Ammunitions of 20 June 1997 (Status as on 12 December 2008); Chapter 3. Geneva: Federal Assembly of the Swiss Confederation / Translation for the Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. 20 June

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Art. 15 Acquisition of ammunitions and components of ammunitions

1 Only persons authorized to acquire an arm can acquire ammunitions and components of ammunitions for this arm.

2 The transferor verifies whether all the conditions for acquisition are fulfilled. Art. 10a applies by analogy to the verification.

Art. 16 Acquisition during shooting events

1 Any person who participates in shooting events organized by shooting clubs can freely acquire the necessary ammunitions. The organizing shooting club exercises appropriate control over the handing-over of ammunitions.

2 Persons who have not turned 18 years of age can freely acquire ammunitions, on condition to immediately shoot these under supervision.

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