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Ireland. 2009 ‘Applications for, and Form and Effect of, Firearm Certificates.’ Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act Number 28 of 2009; Part 4. Dublin: Houses of the Oireachtas. 21 July

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Applications for, and Form and Effect of, Firearm Certificates

43.— The following section is substituted for section 30 of the Act of 2006:

(1) Application for a firearm certificate (other than a restricted firearm certificate) shall be made to the Superintendent of the Garda Sı'ocha'na of the district in which the applicant resides.

(2) Application for a restricted firearm certificate shall be made to the Commissioner.

(4) The applicant shall supply in writing any further information that the Superintendent or the Commissioner may require in the performance of his or her functions under this section.

(5) A firearm certificate shall be in the prescribed form and, subject to subsection (6) of this section, shall authorise the person to whom it is
granted —
(a) to possess, use and carry the firearm specified in the certificate,
(b) to purchase ammunition for use in the firearm, and
(c) at any one time to possess or carry not more than the amount of ammunition
specified in the certificate.

(6) Where the firearm is a shot-gun, the firearm certificate may, subject to subsection (11) of this section, authorise it to be used only for killing animals or birds other than protected wild animals or protected wild birds within the meaning of the Wildlife Act 1976 by the holder of the certificate either (as may be expressed in the certificate) —
(a) on land occupied by the holder, or
(b) on land occupied by another person.

(7) A firearm certificate which is in force, other than a relevant firearm certificate continued in force under section 3(3) of this Act, as amended by section 28 of the Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009, shall continue in force for a period of 3 years from the date on which it was granted, unless revoked, and for any further such period for which it may be renewed.

(9) A decision on an application for a firearm certificate or its renewal shall be given within 3 months from the date on which the applicant submitted a completed application form.

(12) A firearm in respect of which a firearm certificate is granted shall be marked in the prescribed manner with a number or other prescribed identifying mark, and the number or mark shall be entered on the certificate.

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