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Japan. 2001 ‘Firearms Control in Japan.’ National Police Agency, Firearms Division, p. 19. Tokyo: Firearms Division, Community Safety Bureau, National Police Agency. 1 January

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Regulation on Hunting Guns

Regulation of hunting guns (including shotguns and rifles) is also equally as strict as that of handguns. In general, possession of hunting guns is prohibited. Possession of hunting guns for game hunting, extermination of noxious birds and beasts or target shooting is only allowed with approval from the Prefectural Public Safety Commission.

Prior to issuing a license, a thorough inquiry, including age and criminal record is conducted. Those who receive a license are obliged to take training in both the handling and use of hunting guns. Regarding possession of rifles, a licence is issued only to those who have legally possessed shotguns for more than ten years.

Other than the aforementioned conditions, possession of hunting guns is permitted if the purpose has high social significance such as an exhibition at a museum. As with handguns, possession of hunting guns possessed with legal permission was 365,675; 325,136 shotguns and 40,539 rifles.

In order to manufacture and sell hunting guns, a factory or a gun shop must receive a license from the prefectural governor. As of late 2000, 602 factories and 745 gun shops were licensed. In 2000, 166,332 hunting guns were manufactured and 168,307 (Y7,369 million) were sold. Also 167,014 guns (Y7,134 million) were sold as exports accounting for 99.2% of total sales.

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