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Japan. 2001 ‘Firearms Control in Japan.’ National Police Agency, Firearms Division, p. 9. Tokyo: Firearms Division, Community Safety Bureau, National Police Agency. 1 January

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Firearms Regulation in Japan

The possession, importing and firing of firearms are subject to the provisions of the Firearms and Swords Control Law. The manufacture and sale of ammunition are regulated under the Ordnance Manufacturing Law.

Firearms comprise a diverse range of arms, including hunting guns (shotguns and rifles), air guns and industrial guns whose use is socially accepted, and other firearms (handguns, military rifles, machine guns) whose use is basically not approved. The regulations therefore provide for varying degrees of toughness and differ in their provisions for the various types of firearms.

Under the Firearms and Swords Control Law, the possession of firearms in the first category is permitted subject to approval by the Prefectural Public Safety Commission. The possession of firearms in the second category, however, is basically prohibited.

In recognition of the danger that handguns are essentially killing and maiming devices, their possession by individuals is practically not allowed except for Police and military personnel.

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