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Albania. 2020 ‘Marking and Record Keeping.’ National Report of Albania on its Implementation of the United Nations Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects (UNPoA); Section 7, p. 21. New York NY: Permanent Mission of Albania to the United Nations. 1 January

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Record keeping

7.5. Does your country have standards and procedures related to keeping of records for all marked SALW in its territory? YES

7.5.1. What records relating to SALW are kept by the State (e.g. manufacturing, brokering, import and export licences granted, sales to other States, SALW held by State agencies such as the armed forces etc)?

The Albanian State Police weapon registration system is regulated by the DCM no. 292 dated 08/04/2015, "On determining the rules for the creation and administration of the weapons register". The system is digital, centralized, includes all structures of the State Police (weapons in the police inventory), seized weapons (as physical evidence) and natural and legal persons under Article 74/2014, "On weapons", are equipped with weapons, authorizations or licenses for activities allowed with weapons in the Republic of Albania.

In the arms register (SIMA – Computerised Arms Management System) managed by the State Police are registered 100% of the amount of inventory weapons of the structures of the State Police; 100% of the amount of weapons, ammunition and explosives seized (as physical evidence); 100% of the quantity of weapons owned by natural and legal persons possessed in application of law 74/2014, "On Arms".

The weapons register is kept in two forms:
a) in written form;
b) in electronic form.

The register in written form and the one in electronic form have the same standard format. The special elements that characterize the electronic register do not constitute deviations from the standard form of the register and are related only to the electronic presentation of data. The same rules apply to the completion of the written and electronic register.

The weapons register contains data on:
a) the identity of the person who owns the weapon;
b) the weapon;
c) license, authorization and decision to equip with weapons;
d) documents for equipping and removing the weapon.

Entities which deal with with international transfer of controlled goods are obliged to archive the following documentation in duration for at least ten (10) years after finalization of the international transfer of controlled goods;
a) technical description of the goods that enables the classification of the goods on the National List of Controlled Goods, based on the provisions of this Law, the nomenclature of the customs tariff, and the United Nations Organization classification for dangerous goods, if appropriate;
b)bthe quantity of the goods in measuring unit and the net weight of the goods;
c) the full name and address of the exporter, importer, transit person, transshipment person, extra-territorial re-exporter, re-transfer, or provider brokering services,
I. the full name and address of the seller or recipient of the goods;
II. the full name and address of the end-user of the goods;
d) the description of brokering services, full name and address of the receiver(s) and other parties (if applicable); e)any business correspondence, e-mails, and audio-video recordings related to exports, imports, transits, trans-shipments, re-exports, , and the provision of related services involving controlled goods;
f) orders, bills, contracts, ordering notes, delivery notes, embarkation lists, and other documentation related to export, import, transit, transshipment, re-export, , and the provision of related services involving controlled goods;
g) any other documentation stipulated by the State Export Control Authority,

7.5.2. How long does the government keep such records?

20 years

7.5.3. In the event that they go out of business, are companies engaged in SALW activities (e.g. manufacturing, importing, exporting etc) required to submit all records held by them to the government? YES

[SALW = Small Arms and Light Weapons]

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