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Sierra Leone. 2012 ‘Manufacture and Sale Within Sierra Leone.’ Arms and Ammunition Act, 2012; Part VI (Art. 22-24), pp. 15-16. Freetown: Sierra Leone. 30 August

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22. (1) No person shall manufacture or offer for sale any small arm or light weapon within Sierra Leone except on a valid licence issued by the Registrar for that purpose.
(2) An application for a licence under subsection (1), shall not be granted unless the applicant provides adequate information to the Registrar, including the quantity, exact type and kind of small arms or light weapons to be manufactured, sold or offered for sale, including evidence of the manufacturer or dealer's commitment to adhere to the use of the marking and classification system prescribed under this Act in every small arms or light weapon manufactured, sold or offered for sale, including all serial numbers and other markings.
(3) A licence to manufacture, sell or offered for sale, small arms and light weapons within Sierra Leone issued by the Registrar under subsection (1), shall state–
(a) the name and address of the licensee;
(b) the place of business in respect of which it is granted and the conditions and restrictions subject to which the licence is to be held;
(c) the procedure for marking;
(d) the procedure for entering details of each small arm and light weapon into the National Small Arms and Light Weapons Register; and
(d)[sic] information on the storage and management of the weapons after manufacture.
(4) Every licence granted under this section shall be valid for a period of 12 months from the date on which it was issued, and may be renewed by the Registrar on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed.
(5) The particulars of every licence granted under this section shall be entered in the National Small Arms and Light Weapons Register which shall be kept by the Registrar in such form and manner and as may be prescribed.

23. (1) Where the Registrar decides to refuse an application to manufacture small arm and light weapons within Sierra Leone under this section, he shall issue a written statement to the applicant stating the reasons for his decision.
(2) Where an applicant is aggrieved by the decision of the Registrar under subsection (1), he may appeal to the High Court whose decision shall be final.

24. The Registrar may in his discretion revoke any manufacturer's licence granted under this Act if -
(a) the licenced manufacturer is convicted of an offence under this Act;
(b) he is satisfied that the licensed manufacturer is of intemperate habits or unsound mind or is otherwise unfit to be entrusted with a small arms and light weapons manufacturer's licence; or
(c) the licenced manufacturer has been convicted of any crime of violence to the person or under investigation for any domestic violence related offence.

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