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Concepcion, Bruce. 2019 ‘Firearm Numbers and Management in the Philippines.’ Personal Interview with Director of Research Mike Picard. Manila: 20 February

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Ambassador Bruce Concepcion is the head of the Office of the Special Envoy on Transnational Crime (OSETC). OSETC is a state agency central to reforming the firearm management system of the Philippines and promoting an arms control approach that will help advance peace in the southern islands, prevent corruption, and reduce armed violence in general. Ambassador Concepcion therefore has access to data kept by the Philippine National Police Firearm and Explosives Office (PNP FEO) and a central role in the peace and reform process.

How many licensed firearms are in the Philippines?

How many registered firearm owners are there in the Philippines?
296,906 including collectors and private firms

How many unregistered firearms are estimated to be in the Philippines?
726,181 though this is only based off the number of expired licenses in the PNP FEO data management system. The actual number is likely higher.

How many licensed firearm manufacturers operate in the Philippines?
15 though a number of these are small-scale gun smiths or are subcontractors for the larger producers.

How many firearm dealers operate in the Philippines?

Has the Philippines conducted any gun amnesty campaigns in the last 10 years? If so, what were the results?
The PNP regularly holds firearm amnesties though the results are mixed. Because they are held so often, unlicensed firearm owners don't see them as a unique opportunity to legitimise or clear themselves of their holdings. Such campaigns do allow police to get a sense of unregistered firearm concentrations, though.

How many loose (unregistered) firearms has the PNP found, seized, or collected annually since 2012?
Between 2000 and 2019: 40,399

How many loose firearms has the PNP destroyed annually since 2012?
45,180 since 2012

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