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Myanmar. 1878 ‘Article 4.’ Arms Act (1878) [India Act XI, 1878] (1st October 1878). Naypyidaw: People's Assembly. 1 October

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Article 4

"cannon" includes also all howitzers, mortars, wall-pieces, mitrailleuses and other ordnance and machine-guns, all parts of the same, and all carriages, platforms and appliances for mounting, transporting and serving the same:

"arms" includes --
(i) clasp-knives the blades of which are pointed and exceed three inches in length;
(ii) knives, with pointed blades rigidly affixed, or capable of being rigidly affixed, to the handle, and measuring in all over five inches in length which are not intended exclusively for domestic, agricultural or industrial purposes: provided that it shall be presumed until the contrary is proved that knives of this description are not intended exclusively for such purposes
(iii) knives of such other kinds as the President of the Union may, by notification, prescribe; and
(iv) fire-arms, bayonets, swords, daggers, spears, spear-heads and bows and arrows, also cannon and parts of arms, and machinery for manu-facturing arms;

"ammunition" includes also all articles specially designed for torpedo service and submarine mining, rockets, gun-cotton, dynamite, lithofracteur and other explosive or fulminating material, gun-flint, gun-wads, Percussion-caps, fuses and friction-tubes, all parts of ammunition and all machinery for manufacturing ammunition, but does not include lead, suhphur or saltpetre;

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