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Czech Republic. 2017 ‘Introductory Provisions.’ Decree on the Implementation of Certain Provisions of the Arms Act; Part I (Art. 1), p. 1. Prague: Ministry of the Interior. 27 July

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Introductory Provisions

Subject of Decree

This decree shall establish
a) the technical requirements of the photograph showing the applicant,
b) the scope of the theoretical and practical parts of the professional competence test, the overall evaluation of the applicant's proficiency test, and the remuneration of the examiner,
c) the content of the theoretical part of the test, the method of carrying out the practical part of the test, the overall evaluation of the examiner's examination, and the method of issuing the examiner's certificate,
d) the content of the examination for the issue of a higher ammunition card, the theoretical and practical parts of the examination of the applicant's competence to issue a license for the execution of a pyrotechnic display, and the examination rules for these tests,
e) requirements for the security of weapons, ammunition and ammunition during transport,
f) mandatory content requirements of the operating rules of shooting ranges,
g) method of keeping records for weapons, ammunition and essential parts, and
h) models of certificates, applications, announcements, and the prescribed electronic form pursuant to Section 73a (7) of the Act.

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