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Brunei. 1983 ‘Control of Firearms and Ammunition.’ Public Order Act (Chapter 148), Revised Edition 2013; Part III (Section 17), pp. 25-26. Brunei: Sultan of Brunei. 1 November

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Control of firearms and ammunition

17. (1) If he considers it expedient in the public interests, the Commissioner of Police may, notwithstanding that licenses or permits may have been issued under any written law in respect of such firearms and ammunition, by order published in the Gazette, prohibit the use, possession or custody of firearms and ammunition in any part of Brunei Darussalam during the continuance of such order; and may, at the same time, give directions —
(a) for the taking into custody of firearms and ammunition;
(b) for the cancellation or suspension of licenses or permits for firearms and ammunition during the continuance of such order;
(c) for the giving of notice of such order to any person who, in his opinion, ought to have notice of it;
(d) generally for the carrying into effect of such order.

(2) Where firearms or ammunition have been taken into custody pursuant to directions given by the Commissioner of Police under subsection (1), he may cause such firearms or ammunition to be destroyed or otherwise dispose of in such manner as he shall think fit:

Provided that compensation in respect of any firearms or ammunition so destroyed or dispose of shall be paid to the person who surrendered the same or to his agent or his successors but such compensation shall not exceed the value of the firearms or ammunition at the time they were surrendered.

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