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Vietnam. 2017 ‘Transport of Weapons.’ Law on Management and Use of Weapons, Explosives and Combat Gears; Ch. I (Article 33), pp. 22-23. Hanoi: National Assembly. 20 June

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Article 33. Transport of weapons

1. The transport of weapons shall comply with the following regulations:
a) Weapons shall only be transferred in case of an order for transporting weapons or a license to transport weapons issued by the competent authority;
b) The transport of weapons shall ensure secret and safety;
c) The transport of large quantity of weapons or dangerous weapons shall use specialized vehicles and satisfy conditions for fire prevention;
d) Weapons and people shall not be transported in a vehicle, except for people in charge of transporting weapons;
dd) Vehicles containing weapons shall not be stopped or parked in crowded places, residential areas or places where important works related to national defense, security, economy, culture and foreign affairs are located. The stop of vehicle due to the necessity of spending the night, incidents or lack of guards during the transport of weapons shall be notified to the nearest military or police authorities for cooperation in protection of weapons.

2. Procedures for issuance of licenses to transport weapons applying to entities that are not under the management of the Ministry of National Defense shall be specified as follows:
a) An application shall consist of an application form specifying the quantity, types, and origins of transported weapons; the place of departure, place of arrival, time and route of transport; full name and address of the person in charge of transporting weapons and the person driving the vehicle; the vehicle's license plate; a letter of introduction enclosed with a copy of the ID card, passport or police ID card of the person submitting the application;
b) An application containing the documents prescribed in Point a of this Clause shall be submitted to the police authority assigned by the Minister of Public Security.
c) Within 5 working days from the day on which the adequate application is received, the police authority shall issue the license to transport weapons or send a written explanation to the applicant in case of refusal to issue the license.
d) The period of a license to transport weapons shall be 30 days. A license to transport weapons shall only apply to a shipment. Within 07 day from the day on which the transport of weapon is completed, the license to transport weapons shall be returned to the licensing authority.

3. Procedures for issuance of orders for transporting weapons applying to entities under the management of the Ministry of National Defense shall comply with regulations issued by the Minister of National Defense.

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