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Philippines. 2016 ‘Selected Statements on Firearm Seizures.’ Annual Report 2016, pp. 31-48. Manila: Philippine National Police. 31 December

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Campaign against Criminal Gangs.
One hundred seventy criminal gangs (CGs) were disbanded with 1,553 leaders and members of which 1,473 were arrested and 80 killed in police operations nationwide. Also, 431 firearms were confiscated/recovered and 881 cases were filed in courts. (p. 31)

Campaign against Loose Firearms.
The relentless efforts to account loose firearms resulted in the confiscation, recovery and surrender of 12,084 small arms and light weapons (SALW). The campaign likewise resulted in the arrest of 10,082 suspects and filing of 6,699 criminal cases in court for violations of Republic Act No. 10591. (p. 31)

Campaign against CPP-NPA-NDF (CNN).
The PNP figured in 15 government-initiated encounters that resulted in four killed in police operations (KIPO) and one wounded in police operations (WIPO). Nine light weapons and small arms (SALW) were confiscated. In other operations conducted against CNN, 36 were arrested/surrendered and 17 SALWs were confiscated. (p. 32)

Campaign against Southern Philippines Terrorist Groups (SPTGs).
The PNP figured in four government-initiated encounters that resulted in four SPTGs killed in action and two wounded, two SALW were confiscated. In other operations against SPSGs, 14 were arrested and six SALW were confiscated. (p. 32)

The May 2016 National and Local Elections
…In terms of accomplishments, the NEMAC (National Election Monitoring Action Center) has recorded a total of 467,182 checkpoints, police responses, service of search warrants and warrants of arrest that resulted in the arrests of 3,776 persons and the confiscation/seizure/recovery/surrender of 3,495 firearms.

As to Private Armed Groups (PAGs), the campaign to dismantle or neutralize the PAGs resulted in a total of 35 (five active and 30 potential) PAGs members arrested. A total of 47 firearms were seized. (p. 48)

[SALW = Small Arms and Light Weapons]

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