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Holtom, Paul and Irene Pavesi. 2017 ‘Exporters of Small Arms Based on UN Comtrade, 2014.’ Trade Update 2017: Out of the Shadows; Chapter I (Table 2), p. 17. Geneva: Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. 1 September

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Table 2: Top and major small arms exporters, as reported to UN Comtrade data, 2014, with transparency indicators

Category (Top Exporters by value): Value (USD) - Exporters (listed in descending order of value exported).

Tier 1: ≥500 million - 3: United States, Italy, Brazil

Tier 2: 100 - 499 million - 12: Germany, South Korea, Austria, Turkey, Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Belgium, Croatia, Israel, Spain, Switzerland, Japan

Category (Major Exporters by value): Value (USD) - Exporters (listed in descending order of value exported).

Tier 3: 50 - 99 million - 9: Finland, China, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Serbia, Norway, Sweden

Tier 4: 10 - 49 million - 18: Philippines, India, South Africa, Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Hungary, Taiwan, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Netherlands, Denmark, Cyprus, Romania, Argentina

Transparency Indicators (followed by Small Arms Trade Transparency Barometer 2017 scores):
- Level 1 (20.25-25.00): Germany
- Level 2 (15.25–20.00): Italy, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Serbia, Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania
- Level 3 (10.25–15.00): United States, Austria, Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Croatia, Finland, Canada, Norway, Bulgaria, Australia, Denmark
- Level 4 (5.25–10.00): Brazil, South Korea, Turkey, Japan, China, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Cyprus, Argentina
- Level 5 (0.00–5.00): Israel, United Arab Emirates, Bosnia and Herzigovina

Sources: NISAT (n.d); Small Arms Survey (2017)

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