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United Nations. 2018 ‘National Customs Data on Small Arms Exports and Imports - Indonesia.’ UN Comtrade International Trade Statistics Database. New York NY: United Nations Statistics Division. 1 January

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The Trade Statistics branch of the United Nations Statistics Division maintains the UN Comtrade Database. The database is an open-access repository of official trade data as reported national customs agencies all over the world. The database uses the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) for classifying goods and services, including small arms.

Exports (US$):
2016: 11,270
2015: 672,212
2014: 7,370,956
2013: 252,558
2012: 11,541,832

Imports (US$):
2016: 681,870,510
2015: 339,411,246
2014: 492,469,454
2013: 139,123,888
2012: 195,493,700

[Editor's Note: uses the following HS codes when collecting trade data:

Small arms
- 930190 (military firearms)
- 930200 (pistols and revolvers)
- 930320 (sporting and hunting shotguns)
- 930330 (sporting and hunting rifles)

Parts and accessories
- 930510 (of revolvers and pistols)
- 930520 (of shotguns and rifles)

- 930621 (shotgun cartridges )
- 930629 (parts of shotgun cartridges)
- 930630 (cartridges)

Some countries disaggregate firearms imported or exported for law enforcement, military or other official use. In countries where legislation defines an imitation firearm, airgun, paintball gun, BB gun, gas gun or similar as a firearm, such imports or exports can be counted separately in Customs data.

Where import or export figures are tallied from harmonised trade commodity codes to provide a count of modern, non-air firearms for civilian use, the following categories are commonly excluded from such a count: Military, Law Enforcement, Airgun, BB gun, Paintball gun, Gas gun, Imitation firearm, Captive-bolt gun, Muzzle-loader, Antique, Deactivated and Other.]

ID: Q13418

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