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Gulshan Arms. 2018 ‘Prohibited Firearms.’ List of Prohibited Bore Weapons in Bangladesh for Civil Market. Dhaka: Gulshan Arms. 1 January

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Prohibited Firearms

(1) All Machine Guns/Light Machine Guns.

(2) All self loading & Auto rifles not including .22 in Bore.

(3) All Machine Carbines, Machine Pistols & Sub Machine Guns.

All rifles, muskets, revolvers and pistols of the following calibers or their equivalents which can fire serv1ce ammo.
-0.410 in Musket
-0.303 in Rifle
-7.62 mm Rifle
-7.62 mm Pistol
-.38 Bore Pistol
-7.7 mm Rifle
-7.9 mm Rifle
-7.92 mm Rifle
-0.30 in Rifle and Carbine
-.3006 in Rifle
-9mm Pistol
-0.38 in Revolver
-0.455 in Revolver
-0.45 in USA Carbine

(4) All such weapons which are of the same bore but cannot fire service ammo. will not be considered as prohibited bore weapons.

(5) Any other weapons capable of firing the standard service ammunition will also be considered as prohibited bore.

(6) Any weapon which has common spare part with that of any service weapon will also be treated asprohibited bore.

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