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Online Dhaka. 2013 ‘General Rules for Possession of Fire Arms.’ How to Get Licensed Fire Arms. Dhaka: Online Dhaka. 20 August

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General Rules for Possession of Fire Arms

In Bangladesh we follow the Arms Act, 1837. In Bangladesh, everyone has to get their license from the Deputy Commissioner or Home Ministry of our country, to possess any kind of fire arms like Shotgun, Pistol , Revolver & Rifle.

There is an age limit to possess fire Arms. For Shotgun it is 25 + and For Revolver / Pistol / Rifle it is 30 +. That is, anybody whose age is below 25 can not apply for a Shotgun License.

Nobody can Possess Shotgun and Rifle at a time. Also, possession of Revolver and Pistol at a time is not possible. That is, one can possess only Shotgun & Pistol, but not Shotgun and Rifle at a time. That is either Shotgun or Rifle and either Revolver or Pistol.

There is also restriction for the Calibre of Fire Arms. That is, one can possess up to .22, .25 (6.75 mm) and .32 ( 7.65 mm) Calibre Pistol/ Revolver. So, one can not use 9 mm Calibre Pistol or Revolver.

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