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India. 2016 ‘Destruction of Firearms and Ammunition.’ Arms Rules 2016; Chapter VIII (Section 104), p. 188. New Delhi: Department of Publication. 15 July

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104. Destruction of Firearms and Ammunition

(1) Any obsolete or obsolescent, condemned or unserviceable firearm or any confiscated, captured, seized, recovered or surrendered firearm that does not bear the manufacturer's serial number or additional identification mark shall be marked forthwith by the concerned Central or the State firearm bureau in accordance with the procedure laid down in rule 34 and rule 58 and details of such firearm be recorded in a separate register and uploaded on the NDAL system under a distinct category.

(2) The firearm bureau shall submit to the local licensing authority an application containing the details of firearm to be destroyed, giving particulars regarding the make, type, caliber of the firearm as well as the manufacturer's serial number or additional identification mark and the licensing authority shall after verifying the particulars recorded in the list supplied to it by the firearm bureau, grant permission for destruction of firearm.

(3) The firearms under this rule may be destroyed, only by melting, pressing or in any other manner determined by the licensing authority and ensuring that the original intent, design and purpose of the firearm or any part thereof is permanently or irrevocably destroyed:
Provided that a firearm or ammunition, shall be destroyed only in the presence of a designated officer deputed by the local licensing authority.

(4) A list of firearms or ammunition destroyed under sub-rule (3) with the particulars of such firearms referred to in sub-rule (2) shall be submitted to the licensing authority within fourteen days of such destruction.

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