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India. 2016 ‘Transport of Arms or Ammunition.’ Arms Rules 2016; Chapter VII (Section 97), p. 185. New Delhi: Department of Publication. 15 July

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97. Transport of Arms or Ammunition

(1) A copy of licence granted in Form XII for transport of arms or ammunition beyond the local limits of the jurisdiction of the authority granting it shall forthwith be sent to the district magistrate having jurisdiction over the area where the place to which the articles consigned is situated.

(2) A copy of every such licence granted by a district magistrate for transport within the limits of his jurisdiction shall forthwith be sent to the subordinate magistrate (if any) having jurisdiction over the place to which the arms or ammunition are consigned.

(3) Where arms or ammunition are transported by rail, a copy of such licence or a copy of the no objection certificate referred to in rule 98, shall be attached to the way-bill or invoice, as the case may be, and advice of every such consignment shall be sent by the railway authorities from the forwarding to the receiving station.

(4) A transporter having a licence in Form XIV for transport of arms or ammunition by road shall comply with the conditions specified in sub-rule (3) of rule 101 in accordance with the procedure for transporter licence specified in rule 102.

(5) A licence for the transport of arms or ammunition shall not, save for special reasons to be recorded by the authority granting it, be granted for a period longer than three months:

Provided that a licence for a longer period, not exceeding six months, may be granted in connection with industrial purposes for transporting ingredients of ammunition in instalments from the go down to the factory of the licensee situated within the same district but not in the same locality:

Provided further that such licensee, gives prior intimation to the nearest magistrate or officer in charge of the police station and makes necessary entries promptly in the stock registers maintained for the purpose at both the godown and the factory

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