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Singapore. 2018 ‘Controlled Items (Licence or Permit Require From PLRD).’ Controlled and Prohibited Items Under Police Licensing and Regulatory Department, p.5. Singapore: Singapore Police Force. 24 January

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Note: A licence or permit is required for the import, export or possession of controlled item. Anyone who import, export or is found in possession of such controlled items without any licence or permit would be liable for offences under the respective legislations which the items are regulated under.

S/n: Items - Description
1: Firearm - A firearm is a weapon that launches one, or many, projectile(s) at high velocity through confined burning of a propellant.
2: Air Gun - An air gun is a rifle (air rifle) or pistol (air pistol) that fires projectiles by means of compressed air or other gases, in contrast to a firearm, which burns a propellant. Most air guns use metallic projectiles as ammunition. Air guns that use plastic projectiles are classified as airsoft guns.
3: Airsoft Gun (includes paintball markers) - Airsoft guns are replica firearms that propel plastic pellets (also known as BBs) by way of compressed gas, electric motors, or spring-driven pistons.
4: Spear Gun - A speargun is an underwater fishing implement designed to fire a spear at fish.
5: Taser and Stun Gun (Electroshock Weapon) - An incapacitate weapon used for subduing a person by administering electric shock aimed at disrupting superficial muscle functions…

11: All kinds of ammunition - The collective term for all types of ammunition is munitions. In the widest sense of the word it covers anything that can be used in combat that includes bombs, missiles, warheads & mines.
12: Empty Cartridges with percussion caps attached - A cartridge, also called a round, packages the bullet, gunpowder and primer into a single metallic case precisely made to fit the firing chamber of a firearm. A cartridge without a bullet is called a blank; one that is completely inert is called a dummy. The percussion cap is a small cylinder of copper or brass with one closed end…

19: Toy or replica guns - Toy or replica Guns, include all types of toy or replica guns such as lighter guns, prop guns…

23: Toy or replica explosives, grenades, ammunitions or improvised explosive devices (IED) - Includes all types of toy or replica explosives such as grenade shaped lighters, mock up IED, toy dynamite clock

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