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UN Register of Conventional Arms. 2018 ‘National Reports on Small Arms Exports and Imports - UK.’ UNROCA - The Global Reported Arms Trade. New York, NY: United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs. 1 January

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Since its inception in 1991, the United Nations Register of Conventional Arms (UNROCA) has received reports from more than 170 States. The vast majority of official transfers are captured in UNROCA.

Transparency in armaments builds confidence between countries, and can help determine whether excessive or destabilizing accumulations of arms take place. Being open about armaments may encourage restraint in the transfer or production of arms, and can contribute to preventive diplomacy.

2017: 54,534
2016: 36,071
2015: 101,546
2014: 87,652
2013: 98,511
2012: 131,894
2011: 27,513
2010: 67,029
2009: 59,969
2008: 277,551
2007: 255,847
2006: 358,904

2017: 4,615
2016: 4,467
2015: 1,104
2014: 2,666
2013: 30,061
2012: 4,246
2011: 3,573
2010: 7,734
2009: 39,211
2008: 26,791
2007: 59,436
2006: 519

UNROCA web site:

[Editor's Note: calculates the total of all small arms categories1 for a given year. Light weapons,2 as defined by UNROCA, are not included in totals. To view a detailed breakdown of small arms trade data by weapon type, or to view trade data pertaining to light weapons, please follow the link above.

Export and import data can be found by selecting the relevant country, 'Small arms & light weapons,' and scrolling down to the relevant section (select 'by years' to view data).

National reports are submitted to the Register on an annual basis by participating countries. Note that discrepancies are common between reporting states. If data reported by the country in question is discrepant with data reported by trade partners, data from the reporting country will be counted. However, if the reporting country does not disclose data for a given small arms category, whereas its trade partners do, will count such data].

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