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Schroeder, Matt. 2016 ‘Introduction.’ Dribs and Drabs: Mechanisms of Small Arms Trafficking from the United States; Issue Brief No. 17, p. 1. Geneva: Small Arms Survey, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. 1 March

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[T]he main findings of this Issue Brief include the following:

- Robust arms export licensing regimes are necessary but not sufficient for stopping small arms trafficking. Many of the traffickers studied did not apply for arms export licences or attempt to exploit licensing exemptions; they simply bypassed the licensing system entirely. At the same time, recent examples of attempted and successful diversion of authorized small arms exports highlight the continued need for rigorous licensing and post-shipment end-use monitoring.

- Arms trafficking from the United States goes well beyond gun-running to Mexico. Traffickers in the 159 cases studied shipped weapons, parts, ammunition, and accessories to at least 46 countries and foreign territories on six continents. Intended recipients of these items range from Honduran farm workers to a Finnish motorcycle gang.

- The illicit trade in parts and accessories for small arms is more significant than commonly assumed. Networks that traffic in firearms parts are among the most prolific and geographically expansive of the smuggling operations studied.

- Partnerships between law enforcement and the private sector are essential to preventing arms trafficking and to dismantling trafficking networks. In many of the cases studied, trafficking schemes were first detected by shipping companies, firearms retailers, or other commercial entities…

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