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Queensland. 2016 ‘Licence and Weapon Registration Count.’ PSBA Right to Information and Privacy Unit; Ref. RTI/17213. Brisbane: Queensland Police Service. 18 March

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3. The number of individuals licensed to possess one or more firearms in Queensland as at the latest available date.

Licence and Weapon Registration Count in Queensland as at 1 April 2016
Licences: 184,368
Registrations: 793,848

4. The number of individuals licensed to possess one or more firearms in Queensland in each of the previous 10 years (where on record)

Year: Licence Count - Weapon Registration Count

2015: 179,184 - 757,184
2014: 171,713 - 690,679
2013: 164,859 - 646,286
2012: 161,132 - 609,189
2011: 162,369 - 606,782
2010: 159,414 - 569,684
2009: 152,772 - 541,085
2008: 151,656 - 541,096
2007: 155,094 - 537,877
2006: 157,042 - 535,747
2005: 155,677 - 537,324

1. This data is not official Queensland Police Service data as is it outside the bounds of what is published in official Service documents.
2. This data is preliminary and may be subject to change and should not be released to any other agency or person without appropriate authorisation from the Queensland Police Service.
3. This data should be regarded as estimates only, caution should be taken with interpretation.
4. The figures for number of licences include all licences, permit or approvals issued, including those that are not authorised to acquire a weapon.
5. The figures for the number of firearms includes those registered to the Queensland Police Service and other Queensland Government Departments.
6. The data does not include information about weapons held by the Australian Defence Forces.
7. Multiple licences may be issued to one person.
8. The data includes licence and weapons registered to individuals, businesses and organisations.
9. The figures relating to yearly registration of weapons may differ slightly in the tables provided as the data sets may have been collated at different times of the year specified.

ID: Q13187

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