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Small Arms Survey. 2002 ‘Theft from State Arsenals.’ Small Arms Survey 2002: Counting the Human Cost, p. 137. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 14 July

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Theft from State Arsenals

In early April 2001, troops raided an airport warehouse in Bangkok to steal a shipment of 30 Glock pistols. The soldiers escaped with the pistols but were caught on film.

An inquiry revealed that a senior air force officer authorized the shipment for the express purpose of reselling the arms on the black market. When warehouse officials refused to release the shipment to anyone other than the officer, he organized the raid.

In a news interview, Deputy Defence Minister Yuthasak Sasiprapha admitted that there had been instances of corruption in the military over arms procurement. Typically, this occurs when arms importers under contract to the military are allowed to import more guns than needed by the military. These are then sold on the black market.

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