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European Commission. 2014 ‘Lithuania.’ Study to Support an Impact Assessment on Options for Combatting Illicit Firearms Trafficking in the European Union, pp. 168-169. Luxembourg: Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services. 1 July

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Provision on the criminalisation of illicit firearms trafficking: Lithuania

Illicit arms trafficking as a criminal offence is provided for in the Article 253 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania. Please note, that illicit trafficking is included into a concept of "handling":

"Article 253. Unauthorised Possession of Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives or Explosive Materials

1. A person who, without an authorisation, acquires, stores, carries, transports or handles a firearm, ammunition, explosives or explosive materials shall be punished by arrest or by imprisonment for a term of up to five years.

2. A person who, without an authorisation, produces, acquires, stores, carries, transports or handles at least three firearms, the ammunition, explosives or explosive materials of a large explosive power or in a large quantity shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of four up to eight years."

The conditions of lawful sale, supply or any other form of possession of firearm are set forth in the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Control of Weapons and Ammunition (i. e. a licence should be issued).

A license means an official document issued by a state institution granting the right to engage in the activities specified in the license, complying with the set conditions.

Economic commercial activities subject to licensing are as follows:

1) manufacture of weapons, accessories of weapons classified in Category A, ammunition, their components;
2) import and export of weapons, weapon accessories, their components;
3) trade in civil circulation in weapons, weapon accessories, ammunition, their components;
4) repair of weapons, conversion of weapons and ammunition;
5) operation of firing ranges and shooting galleries;
6) hire of weapons.

A licence to engage in these activities may be issued to legal persons registered in the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the procedure established by laws and other legal acts. A natural person is entitled to acquire, carry or hold a firearm if a respective permit to him or her is issued.

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