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European Commission. 2014 ‘Czech Republic.’ Study to Support an Impact Assessment on Options for Combatting Illicit Firearms Trafficking in the European Union, p. 164. Luxembourg: Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services. 1 July

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Provision on the criminalisation of illicit firearms trafficking: Czech Republic

There are several legislative acts focusing on different types/aspects of improper or illicit trafficking of firearms. The relevant definition of crime which concerns illicit trafficking of firearms is Sec.279 of the Criminal Code No. 40/2009 Coll.

"Section 279 Illegal Possession of Weapons

(1) Whoever manufactures, procures for themselves or another person, or possesses a firearm or its main part or parts, or large quantities of ammunition or a prohibited weapons complement without authorisation, shall be punished by a prison sentence of up to two years, punishment by disqualification, or forfeiture of items or other assets.

(2) The same punishment shall be imposed, upon those who render a non-functioning firearm usable or perform a design adjustment of the firearm aimed at its functioning state, or whoever performs design changes to increase the efficiency of the firearm, or whoever counterfeits, alters, deletes, or removes the unique marking of firearms, which enable its identification.

(3) Whoever, without authorisation a) produces, procures for themselves or another person, or possesses explosives at an amount larger than small, weapon of mass efficiency, or components that are necessary for such weapon, or b) accumulates, manufactures, or procures for themselves or another person weapons or ammunition in large quantities, shall be punished by a prison sentence of six months to five years.

(4) An offender shall be punished by a prison sentence of two to eight years, if, a) they committed an act referred to in Subsection 3 as a member of an organised group, b) they committed such act to a large extent, or c) they committed such act during a state of national emergency or war."

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