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El Salvador. 1999 ‘Object (Objeto).’ Act No. 655 of 1999 on the Control and Regulation of Arms, Ammunition, Explosives and Related Materials; Title I (Article 1), p. 2. San Salvador: Legislative Assembly of the Republic of El Salvador. 26 July

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Ley No. 655, 1999, sobre Control y Regulación de Armas, Municiones, Explosivos y Artículos Similares

Artículo 1. Objeto

La presente Ley tiene por objeto controlar y regular el uso, fabricación, importación, exportación, comercialización de armas de fuego, municiones, explosivos, accesorios y artículos similares; el almacenaje, transporte, tenencia, portación, colección, reparación, modificación de armas de fuego, recarga de municiones y funcionamiento de Polígonos de tiro, permitidos por la presente Ley. Así mismo, el establecer los hechos constitutivos de infracciones a la Ley o su Reglamento y las sanciones a imponer.


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Act No. 655 of 1999 on the Control and Regulation of Arms, Ammunition, Explosives and Related Materials

Article 1. Object

The present Act aims to control and regulate the use, manufacture, import, export and commerce of firearms, ammunition, explosives, accessories and related materials; the storage, transport, ownership, carrying, collection, repair, modification of firearms, reloading of ammunition and functioning of shooting ranges, permitted by the present Act. Furthermore, it establishes the facts that constitute violations of the Act or its Regulation, and the corresponding sanctions.

[Editor's Note: After reviewing available legislation and other source documents, found no evidence of a provision in law to regulate this aspect of firearm policy. As some authorities enforce restrictions only in practice, the mere absence of a published legal provision should be treated with caution]

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