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Duquet, Nils and Maarten Van Alstein. 2015 ‘Expert Estimates [Civilian Gun Ownership in EU, 2007].’ Firearms and Violent Deaths in Europe: An Exploratory Analysis of the Linkages Between Gun Ownership, Firearms Legislation and Violent Death; Chapter 1 (Section 1.3), p. 16. Brussels: Flemish Peace Institute. 25 June

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1.3. Expert Estimates

In 2007 the Small Arms Survey (SAS) published a first detailed assessment of the global distribution of factory-made civilian firearms. SAS used various sources and methods to estimate the total civilian gun ownership rates in 178 countries and to provide statistics on the number of weapons per 100 persons…(19)

The SAS estimated that… civilians possessed approximately 93.2 million firearms at the time in all European societies, and approximately 79.8 million in the EU. This comes down to 15.7 firearms per 100 persons…

Source cited:

19) Small Arms Survey (2007), Completing the count: civilian firearms, Small Arms Survey 2007: Guns and the City, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, p. 39-71

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