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Lakomaa, Erik. 2014 ‘Safe storage and thefts of firearms in Sweden - Previous Research.’ European Journal of Criminology; Vol. 12 (I), p. 4. Sheffield: Sage Publications. 24 July

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Previous research…

Hagelin (2012) examined the firearms used in serious crimes and found that crimes committed with weapons of previously legal origin are very rare (Hagelin, 2012: 10). During the period 2000–10, out of 971 reported serious crimes involving firearms (murder, manslaughter or robberies against banks or post offices), a total of 9 acts, that is, less than one case a year, were committed with firearms stolen from legal gun owners. In addition, five or six stolen guns were found in connection with crimes being prepared.(4)

The issue has also been studied by Granath (2011) and Ekström et al. (2012). These studies reached similar conclusions to that of Hagelin: that it is highly unusual for legal or previously legal guns to be used in crimes (Ekström et al., 2012: 97, 134, 168). Instead, criminals usually use weapons smuggled into Sweden from Eastern Europe (Ekström et al., 2012: 16, 69, 134)…

Sources cited:

4) In one case it was not possible to determine if the gun in question (a Browning pistol) was a civilian weapon or belonged to the Swedish Armed Forces (Hagelin, personal communication).

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