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New South Wales. 1996 ‘Possession of Digital Blueprints for Manufacture of Firearms.’ Firearms Act 1996 No 46 (Act Current to 24 November 2015); Section 51F (Part 6). Sydney: New South Wales Government. 28 June

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51F. Possession of Digital Blueprints for Manufacture of Firearms

(1) A person must not possess a digital blueprint for the manufacture of a firearm on a 3D printer or on an electronic milling machine.

Maximum penalty: imprisonment for 14 years.

(2) Subsection (1) does not apply to a person who is:
(a) authorised by a licence or permit to manufacture the firearm concerned, or
(b) acting in the ordinary course of the person's duties as a member (other than a police officer) of the Police Force.

(3) In this section:

'digital blueprint' means any type of digital (or electronic) reproduction of a technical drawing of the design of an object.

'possession', of a digital blueprint, includes the following:
(a) possession of a computer or data storage device holding or containing the blueprint or of a document in which the blueprint is recorded,
(b) control of the blueprint held in a computer that is in the possession of another person (whether the computer is in this jurisdiction or outside this jurisdiction).

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