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Australia. 1990 ‘Violence: Directions for Australia.’ National Committee on Violence, p. L-xxxvii. Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology. 1 January

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As a community we have witnessed tragedies that were unthinkable a generation ago… the initial concern of all [Australian ] governments was the issue of gun control…

Recommendation 54. All Governments should take appropriate action to minimise death and injury arising from the accidental or intentional use of firearms by:

Recommendation 54.1. The enactment of uniform legislation throughout Australia to regulate the acquisition and possession of firearms.

Recommendation 54.2. The introduction, through the Australian Police Ministers Council, of uniform guidelines for all Australian police forces in the enforcement of firearms legislation.

Recommendation 54.3. Development of a national gun control strategy aimed at
- reducing the number of firearms in Australian society
- preventing access to those weapons by individuals who are not fit and proper persons, such as those who have been convicted of violent crime or who have demonstrated a propensity for violence…

The Committee recommends the following specific strategies:

[Prevent importation and sale of military weapons, prohibit automatic long arms, restrict semi-automatic long arms, restrict ammunition sales, register all firearms, impose a minimum 28-day cooling-off period, require competency and safety training, secure storage in an inoperable condition, mandatory seizure in case of violence, ban on private sales].

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