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Littlejohn, Gary. 2015 ‘Transformation of Arms into Ploughshares (TAE).’ Secret Stockpiles: Arms Caches and Disarmament Efforts in Mozambique; Working Paper No. 21 (Table 7), pp. 30-31. Geneva: Small Arms Survey, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. 1 September

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Transformation of Arms into Ploughshares (TAE)

[F]rom 1995 to 2003, the efforts of TAE had resulted in the collection of thousands of firearms (see Table 7). The project exchanged firearms collected for tools or goods needed locally and then destroyed the weapons. In some cases, local artists created metal sculptures from the remains of firearms…

Table 7: TAE arms collection totals, October 1995 to October 2003

Type of arm collected: Total
AKM: 4,671
Pistols (various): 754
MG: 41
PPX: 561
Bazooka: 150
Mortars (various): 116
Machine guns PK: 77
Machine gun components: 32
Mauser: 283
G3: 186
Semi-automatics: 263
Grenade launchers: 50
Rifles: 520
FBP: 109
M20: 32
ZG1: 5

Total: 7,850

Source: Faltas and Paes (2004, p. 18)

Source cited:

Faltas, Sami and Wolf-Christian Paes. 2004. Exchanging Guns for Tools: The TAE Approach to Practical Disarmament—An Assessment of the TAE Project in Mozambique. Brief 29. Bonn: Bonn International Center for Conversion.

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