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South Australia. 2016 ‘Letter of Determination.’ Freedom of Information Act Application; Ref 16/1782, p. 2. Adelaide: South Australia Police Service Freedom of Information Unit. 17 May

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The number of firearms registered in SA excluding dealers stock

01/01/2016: 298,851
01/01/2015: 293,655
01/01/2014: 289,443
01/01/2013: 281,899
01/01/2012: 277,086
01/01/2011: 272,248
01/01/2010: 376,479
01/01/2009: 363,933
01/01/2008: 354,784
01/01/2007: 346,052

The number of individuals licensed to possess firearms in SA

01/01/2016: 65,351
01/01/2015: 65,282
01/01/2014: 65,161
01/01/2013: 64,272
01/01/2012: 64,148
01/01/2011: 63,781
01/01/2010: 61,386
01/01/2009: 61,411
01/01/2008: 62,331
01/01/2007: 61,476

The following information must be taken into account when interpreting/analysing the data:

In June 2010, reports and counting rules were modified. Prior to this date, all firearms recorded to Individuals and Organisations were counted regardless of the status of the firearm. This included but was not limited to, firearms recorded as stolen, destroyed or seized by police. The figures now represent firearms known to be within the community.

[Editor's note: For this reason, the number of firearms registered in the years 2007 to 2010 are incomparable with the data for later years. excludes these years from charts and tables which compare the number of registered firearms over time.]

ID: Q11855

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