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Jamaica. 2016 ‘Gun Death and Injury.’ Ministry of National Security - Death and Injury by Firearms, p. 1. Kingston: Ministry of National Security. 1 April

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Death and Injury by Firearms

Total Number of Gun Deaths (annual deaths resulting from firearms – sum of gun homicide, gun suicide, unintentional fatal shootings and gun deaths for which the cause or intent remains undetermined): 1,039 (Year 2015)

Homicides (any method, annual): 1,210 (Year 2015)

Gun Homicides: 980 (Year 2015)

Suicides (any method): 59 (Year 2015)

Gun Suicides: 9 (Year 2015)

Unintentional Gun (shooting) Deaths: Not available

[Editor's note: Data submitted by email on April 14, 2016, by the Director of Protective Security, Ministry of National Security]

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