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New South Wales. 2016 ‘Firearm Licensing and Registration Figures.’ Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) Notice of Decision, Application Number 135210: RR, p. 2. Sydney: NSW Police Force, Information Access and Subpoena Unit. 1 April

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As at March 2016 there are 223,125 individual firearm licence holders in NSW.
Note: not all firearm licence holders have firearms in their possession (own firearms).

Disaggregated by category of licence:

Cat A1: 217,523
Cat B2: 201,723
Cat C3: 15,879
Cat D4: 546
Probationary Pistol (Target Shooting)5: 1,703
Collector6: 2,835
Cat H7: 13,866
Provisional Pistol (Security Guard): 54

Note: Firearm Licence holders can hold a licence for multiple categories

As at 26 Mar 2016 there are 793,329 firearms registered to individual firearm licence holders in NSW.

Cat A1: 455,710
Cat B2: 281,390
Cat C3: 10,297
Cat D4: 648
Probationary Pistol5: 340
Collector6: 11,919
Cat H7: 33,025

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