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SSAA National. 2016 ‘Handguns.’ A Journalist's Guide to Firearms and the Shooting Sports; Second Edition, pp. 47-48. Adelaide: Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia (SSAA National) Inc. 1 April

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[T]he SSAA has been in contact with each state and territory's Firearms Registry to obtain accurate statistics on national handgun use. The figures in the accompanying table were correct as of August 2010.

Handgun licences and handguns in each state and territory

State/territory - Handgun licences - Handguns registered

ACT: 389 – 1242
NSW: 11,135 - 38,752
NT: 1129 – 3427
Qld: 12,769 - 33,795
SA: 3557 - 18,480
Tas: 1657 – 4287
Vic: 1292 - 10,540
WA: * - 10,267**

Australia Total:*** 120,790

*WA issues non-category specific firearms licences, which means people are entitled to possess, carry and use firearms enumerated on that licence subject to any restrictions, limitations or conditions that may be applied. As a result, they do not have specific 'handgun' licences.
**Recorded against a firearms licence only.
*** Australia Total calculated by

[SSAA = Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia]

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