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NZ Police. 2002 ‘Health of Applicants.’ Arms Manual; 2002 (2.32), p. 2.8. Wellington: New Zealand Police. 1 November

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Health of Applicants

1. The Vetting Guide requires the applicant to advise whether he/she has ever been referred by a medical practitioner to a psychiatrist or psychologist or whether he/she has ever required treatment for or suffered from:
- mental/emotional problems;
- depression;
- excess drinking/drugs;
- fits/dizziness/blackouts;
- head injuries

2. If the applicant gives an affirmative reply to one or more of these questions his/her doctor should be contacted or the applicant must provide a statement from the doctor to determine whether the applicant is fit to be issued with a licence.

3. From time to time, persons suffering from epilepsy apply for a Firearms Licence. Provided a doctor certifies that the applicant is a "fit" person to hold a Firearms Licence, the application can be processed in the usual way.

4. Applications from persons with impaired hearing or vision can be processed in the usual way.

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