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Iootty de Paiva Dias, Carolina. 2003 ‘What is the Legislation on Imports, Exports and Transit Operations in Uruguay?.’ National Legislations on Firearm Control in Mercosur; Chapter 2, pp. 43-45. Rio de Janeiro: Viva Rio. 1 June

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What the legislation states?


Decree No. 2.605/943, articles 133-136. The decree does not stipulate a record of importers, only that they must require previous authorization from the Chief of the Department of Police of Montevideo and from the Army's Service of Armament and Material. It is worth emphasizing that there is no period of validity for such authorizations.


Decree No. 2.605/943, articles 133-136. The provisions that exist concern the transport and delivery of arms and explosives ("customs operations"). They specify that the exporters, as well as any others that deal with such operations, will be required to have previous authorization from the Ministry of Defense.


Decree No. 2.605/943, articles 133-136. Transit operations through the Uruguayan territory requires authorization from the Ministry of Defense. The authorization form must include the following information: denomination of the product (be it commercial, industrial, or chemical), number of boxes, weight, numeration, origin of cargo, transport agent (who will actually be moving the cargo or be responsible for said operation) and itinerary; destination and location where it will be guarded; quality and caliber.

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