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Grillot, Suzette R.. 2010 ‘The Spread and Control of Small Arms in Macedonia.’ Guns in the Balkans: Controlling Small Arms and Light Weapons in Seven Western Balkan Countries; Vol. 10 (No. 2), pp. 157-158. London: Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, Taylor & Francis. 1 June

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The Spread and Control of Small Arms in fYR Macedonia

[A]s the conflict heated up in 2001, the fYR Macedonian government allotted large numbers of small arms to ethnic Macedonians - of which many were not returned. There remain between 380,000 and 750,000 small arms and light weapons - most in the hands of Macedonian civilians (Grillot et al.2004; SEESAC 2006e, 55)…

Two laws address the issue of arms transfers: 1) the 2004 Law on Trade and 2) the 2005 Law on Weapons (amended in 2007). These laws authorize the Ministry of Economy to administer the arms trade. The MoD and the Ministry of Interior must be involved in making commercial licensing decisions, but the MoD handles all military related transfers (fYR Macedonia 2004, Article 23)…

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[fYR = Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; MoD = Ministry of Defence]

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