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Grillot, Suzette R.. 2010 ‘The Spread and Control of Small Arms in Kosovo.’ Guns in the Balkans: Controlling Small Arms and Light Weapons in Seven Western Balkan Countries; Vol. 10 (No. 2), pp. 155-157. London: Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, Taylor & Francis. 1 June

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The Spread and Control of Small Arms in Kosovo

[A] 2006 survey found that approximately 400,000 small arms are available in Kosovo, with civilians legally possessing only about 34,000 and official security forces holding around 45,000. This leaves more than 300,000 firearms that are illegally owned and possibly in circulation (Khakee and Florquin 2003; UNDP, SEESAC, and Saferworld 2006). Without a doubt, Kosovo has been a hub of weapons smuggling and is in dire need of arms control measures…

The borders of Kosovo are extremely porous and targeted for smuggling activities of all kinds. Migrant workers, women, children, drugs, stolen goods and counterfeit documents, as well as weapons, are trafficked across Kosovo's borders on a regular basis (EULEX Kosovo 2009a; Musliu and Marzouk 2009; United States Department of State 2009). Kosovo authorities, however, are working with the EU to improve border controls and did pass Law 03/L-065 in May 2008 titled 'On Integrated Management and Control of the State Border'. The Law identifies the various agencies, including 'the border police, Customs Service, Phyto-sanitary Service, Veterinary Service and all other relevant agencies', that are to play a role in the National Strategy for Integrated Border Management, which concerns all issues related to the border, not simply the movement of weapons and military items (Republic of Kosovo 2008a)…

Regarding penalties, the 'Provisional Criminal Code of Kosovo', UNMIK Regulation 2003/25, requires penalties for those convicted of illegally supplying, transporting, exchanging or selling weapons. Fines of up to 7500 Euro and 10 years in prison are possible (UNMIK 2003)…

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[EU = European Union]

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