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NZ Police. 2007 ‘Arms Regulations Minimum Storage Standards.’ Arms Code, p. 12. Wellington: New Zealand Police. 1 January

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Arms Regulations Minimum Storage Standards

The Arms Regulations require these minimum standards when storing your firearm:

- A firearm must not be put in any place where a child has ready access to it.

- Ammunition must be stored separately or the firearm made incapable of firing.

– If possible, remove the bolt and magazine and lock away separately from the firearm.

– Make sure both the chamber and the magazine are empty.

– For lever, pump or semi-automatic firearms, you may not be able to remove the action. Break-open types can be dismantled.

– Trigger-locking devices are recommended for firearms which cannot be taken apart.

Licence holders must take reasonable steps to secure firearms against theft. These steps include:

– Locking your firearm away in:

- A lockable cabinet, container or receptacle of 'stout construction' i.e. strong enough to stop a child or casual opportunist thief getting access. Putting a lock on a cupboard, wardrobe or gun-case is not enough. Generally, the cabinet/container must be used for storing firearms only.
- A display cabinet or rack which locks in and immobilises firearms so they can not be fired.
- A steel and concrete strong-room.

– Unloading and locking your firearm away whenever it is not in use or not under the immediate supervision of a licence holder.

– Never leaving your firearm in an unattended vehicle.

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