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Dawson, Chris. 2014 ‘Firearms Tracing.’ Australian Crime Commission, Submission No. 75 to Senate Committee: Inquiry into the Ability of Australian Law Enforcement Authorities to Eliminate Gun-Related Violence in the Community; Submission No. 75 (Sections 24, 25), p. 5. Canberra: Australian Crime Commission. 22 August

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Firearms Tracing

24. The ACC's Firearm Trace Program is a valuable program which provides unique insights into and informs an understanding of the illicit firearm market. On behalf of Australian law enforcement agencies, the ACC conducts serial number tracing of both registered and unregistered firearms through the Firearm Trace Program. lt provides insights into the points of diversion at which firearms enter the illicit market and the types of firearms used and seized as well as highlighting changes in the illicit firearm market.1 Firearm trace data and sales information may also assist in the identification and initiation of investigations. This program and the increased understanding it offers relies on the continued provision of trace requests by jurisdictions.

25. Not all firearm trace requests received by the ACC are able to be progressed. There are a number of reasons for this, which include defaced serial numbers, the firearm having no record of being registered in Australia or overseas, or the trace analysis has not been finalised pending further information from industry sources.

[ACC = Australian Crime Commission]

ID: Q11590

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