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Suriname. 1930 ‘Validity and Cost of the Authorisation.’ Suriname Firearms Act, as amended to 2001 (Article 14), pp. 6-7. Paramaribo: Bulletin of Acts, Orders and Regulations. 7 February

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Article 14

1. The written authorization is valid for one year at the most, but also as a rule, starting from the date of issue.

2. A written authorization shall not be granted until after payment of an amount of:

a. insofar as it concerns a firearms licence:
one hundred sixty thousand guilders when it concerns a handgun;
forty thousand guilders when it concerns a firearm that is fired from the shoulder with a maximum calibre of 12.
b. insofar as it concerns a general written authorization: one hundred sixty thousand guilders…

5. A firearm licence is valid for only one firearm, which is therein indicated by name and described as accurately as possible.

6. The provisions under paragraphs 2, 3, 4 and 5, as regards paragraph 5 only the provision of the first part of the phrase, shall not apply to firearms which, at the discretion of the Prosecutor General, have the character of antiquity…

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