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Jordán, Lourdes Miranda. 2010 ‘Seized Firearms (Armas incautadas).’ Plurinational Meeting: Transfer and Illicit trafficking in Firearms: Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile, p. 26. New York, NY: Fundación Arias para la Paz y el Progreso Humano (ARIAS) y el Centro de Estudios Judiciales. 4 October

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En la actualidad, los depósitos de la DIMABEL cuentan con 3.000 armas incautadas aproximadamente, además de otros materiales afines; gran parte de ellas provenientes de operativos en zonas de frontera…


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Currently, DIMABEL depots count more than 3,000 seized firearms, as well as other related materials; the majority of which have been collected during operations in border areas…

[DIMABEL = Department of Military Equipment]

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