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Guyana. 1940 ‘Penalty for Importing, Purchasing or Acquiring Ammunition Without a Permit.’ Laws of Guyana, Chapter 16:05, Firearms Act (As last amended in 2014); Part III (Section 17), pp. 13-15. Georgetown: National Assembly of Guyana. 1 December

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Penalty for importing, purchasing or acquiring ammunition without a permit

17. (1) Subject to this Act, no person shall import, purchase or acquire any ammunition to which this Part applies unless he delivers to the customs officer in charge of the warehouse, or the seller or transferor, as the case may be, a permit (in this section referred to as a "permit") authorising the importation or purchase or acquisition of such ammunition…

(3) The permit, which shall be in the prescribed form, may be issued by the prescribed officer in such cases in which he is satisfied that the applicant has good reason for importing, purchasing or acquiring the amount of ammunition stated in the application or such lesser amount as may be stated in the permit.

(4) Every person who sells or transfers any ammunition to any other person shall endorse the date of the sale or transfer on the permit and shall -
a) if he is a registered dealer, retain the permit in his possession for a period of not less than one year; or
b) if he is not a registered dealer, send the permit to the superintendent in charge of the police in the area in which the transaction took place…

(7) If any person sells or transfers any ammunition to any other person without obtaining a permit from that other person or sells or transfers to any other person an amount of ammunition in excess of that authorised by any permit, he shall be guilty of an offence.

(8) If any person, with a view to purchasing or acquiring any ammunition to which this Part applies, produces, or delivers, to any other person a false permit or a permit in which any false entry has been made, or personates a person to whom a permit has been granted, he shall be guilty of an offence.

[Amended by Act 7/1966B]

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