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Mauser, Gary A. 2003 ‘An International Comparison of the Use of Guns in Violent Crime.’ The Failed Experiment: Gun Control and Public Safety in Canada, Australia, England and Wales; Number 71 (Table 1), p. 7. Vancouver BC: Public Policy Sources. 1 November

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Table 1: An International Comparison of the Use of Guns in Violent Crime

Year: Homicide (%) - Suicide (%)

United States
2001: 63% - 56%

2001: 31% - 20%

2001: 14% - 12%

England & Wales
2000/01: 9% - 2%

Note: This table shows the percentage of each category that involved guns. For example, 26% of violent crime in the United States in 2001 was committed using a firearm.


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