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Mexico. 2007 ‘Registered Firearms and Licences to Carry - Mexico, 2007.’ Information Request (Questions 3, 5). Mexico City: Secretary of National Defence and National Institute on Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data. 8 May

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Armas Registradas y Licencias de Portación - México, 2007

Folio no. 0000700063507
Fecha de recepción: 18 de abril de 2007
Fecha de respuesta: 8 de mayo de 2007

Requerimiento no. 3.
A esta fecha, ¿cuántas licencias particulares individuales de portación de arma de fuego están vigentes?…

Respuesta 3.
Total licencias vigentes: 2,312.

Requerimiento no. 5.
¿A está fecha, cuántas armas tiene registradas esta secretaria a civiles mediante el registro federal de armas de fuego?…

Repuesta 5.
Las cantidades de armas que se tienen registradas por estado, tipo de arma y por calibre son las siguientes…
Distrito Federal: 2,359,816
Total armas registradas: 12,301,377

Por tipo de arma
Tipo: Cantidad
Escopeta: 2,090,159
Mini-revólver: 3,181,480
Rifle: 2,090,112
Pistola: 2,093,565
Revólver: 4,181,480


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Registered Firearms and Licences to Carry - Mexico, 2007

Request No. 0000700063507
Date received: April 18, 2007
Date answered: May 8, 2007

Question No. 3
To date, how many individual private licences to carry firearms are in force?…

Answer 3.
Total number of valid licences [to carry]: 2,312.

Question no. 5
To date, how many firearms have been registered to civilians by the Secretary, through the federal firearms registry?…

Answer 5.
The number of registered firearms per state, type of firearm and calibre, is the following…
Federal District: 2,359,816
Total number of registered firearms: 12,301,377

By type of firearm
Type: Quantity
Shotguns: 2,090,159
Mini-revolvers: 3,181,480
Rifles: 2,090,112
Pistols: 2,093,565
Revolvers: 4,181,480

[Editor's note: Information Request on statistics submitted to the National Institute on Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) on April 18, 2007, and answered by the Secretary of National Defence (SEDENA) on May 8, 2007]

ID: Q11308

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