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Juárez, Mario Arroyo. 2015 ‘Mexico Ballistics Register.’ Personal E-mail correspondence. Mexico City: Mexico National Security Commission. 12 February

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Philip Alpers' question [ Editor]:

Does Q167801 suggest that Mexico has established a ballistics register for all firearms, including privately owned guns, or does the register in question record only state-owned firearms?

Answer from a former official of the National Security Commission, Dr. Mario Arroyo Juárez:

1. All firearms owned by the armed forces [and law enforcement] are marked at the time of their manufacture and import.
2. All firearms, which are lawfully acquired by civilians from the Ministry of Defence SEDENA (which is the only institution authorised to sell weapons in Mexico), are marked.

This email also mentions the IBIS: Integrated Ballistics Identification System, which is runned by the Mexican Attorney General Office (PGR).

The IBIS database is integrated with a reference register of firearms, based on:

- Firearms of the Federal Police.
- Firearms made available to the MPF [Mexico Police Forces].
- Projectiles and casings found at a crime scene.
- Guns, bullets and cartridge cases under investigation by state prosecutors.
- Firearms of state and municipal police in investigation by the MPF subject.

[Editor's Note: Although there is a proposal to register ballistic data collected from civilian-owned firearms, this response only shows that state-owned firearms are marked, and that Mexico uses a standard IBIS 'post-event' forensic ballistics setup.]

ID: Q11256

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